Corona Protocol

In order to guarantee the health of you and us, we use a number of measures to deal with this properly, whereby keeping the distance between guests and between guests and staff is always the starting point.
The following measures apply to us:

  • One-way traffic
Our corridors are not 1.5 meters wide. That is why our downward traffic always has priority. Therefore, it is easiest to go up with the elevator and down the stairs. If you do go up the stairs and you meet someone, we ask you to turn around to the point that the other person can pass you.

  • Breakfast
We serve breakfast in our breakfast room. Here a maximum of 3 guests whom not belong together, 2 couples (maximum 4 people) or 1 company (up to 8 people) have breakfast at the same time. We coordinate the start time of your breakfast with you so that it is managed smoothly. In addition, we do not use the buffet, here the 1.5 meters distance cannot be properly observed. That is why we serve breakfast directly at the table.

  • Housekeeping
Our housekeeping also cleans your room during your stay. They use new gloves per room. We ask you to put your towels in the appropriate bag so that our staff can continue to work safely.

  • Dinner
At your request we can serve dinner. However, we are not a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word and we also tailor this directly to your wishes. We therefore cook to measure and thus also prevent waste.
As of June 1, the restaurants will be open again. We can make a reservation for you in a restaurant. The choice of which restaurant is always in consultation with you.

  • Always keep your distance
We cannot emphasize often enough how important this is. Especially for us. If everyone continues to adhere to this, the greater the chance that the society we knew will return.