Hotel de Keizerskroon Hoorn

Situated in the city centre of Hoorn, 3-star Hotel de Keizerskroon is ideal for everyone who enjoys Dutch hospitality. Both leisure and business guests are at the right address at Hotel De Keizerskroon. It is an excellent starting point from which you can explore all the sights of Hoorn and, of course, Amsterdam, which is only 35 minutes away.

The city of Hoorn has got, with the arrival of the VOC (Dutch East India Trading Company) museum ship "De Halve Maen" a real tourist attraction. This ship made its fame by exploring up the Hudson river in up-state New York. As of the 1st of June 2015, guided tours are available to tour this magnificient ship.

In addition, Hoorn is viewed by many as little Amsterdam. True, the historic buildings and overall experience show a lot of comparison. During the summer, a walk along the lakeside is breathtaking.

The building in which our hotel is situated has got its official license in 1881. Nowadays, Hoorn without De Keizerskroon is something that the locals cannot begin to comprehend.

Our 24 rooms are all non-smoking, cosy and have got the size you can expect from an inner city, three star hotel. Every room has got its own wash facilities, toilet, douche/bathtub en hairdryer. In addition, all our rooms are standard equipped with a flatscreen television and free wireless internet connection.

There is a direct train line from and to the Amsterdam Airport, only 40 minutes away.