For your dog

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Dog hotel

In your room we will prepare:
  • a dog bed, complete witha pillow and duvet
  • Drinking and feeding bowls (can be replenished for an extra charge)
  • Toys and treats
€ 8,75 per dog

Dog grooming (all dogs up to 4 kilograms)

  • Your dog will be intensively washed with shampoo and conditioner
  • Combed and blow-dried
  • Tangles removed
  • If necessary, trimmed around the paws
  • Removal of hairs from the soles
  • Eye care and nail clipping
This program will take up to two hours
€ 29,75 per dog

Dog walking service (all dogs)

  • A leash walk for the duration of 30 minutes
  • After the walk, your dog will be given treats and water
€ 8,75 per dog
Only one dog at a time will be walked in order to give complete attention to the dog

Doggy playtime

There is a possibility to let your dog play with our pack. Your dog will become even more social around other dogs!
Our pack consists of 9 female dogs (1 Maltese lion and 8 Chihuahua's) 
However, this is only possible under certain circumstances:
  • Your dog is max. 4 kilograms
  • Your dog is castrated, for females it is not necessary that they are sterilized
  • The character of your dog will first be discussed and assessed by us
The duration depends on your wishes as well as our availability. Evening hours is also possible. Dogs with a nervous character will be handled with the highest degree of care.
€ 6,00 per hour er dog

General conditions

For all packages the passport of your dog must be shown. 
Your dog is worm free and flea free (If we discover your dog is not flea free, we will immediately stop with the package).
A package can only be reserved in direct consultation with us and cannot be reserved online.
All prices are including 21% VAT.